Worn Inside Out

by Come Together!

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On this recording Come Together! is:
Eugene - guitar / vocals
Andrew - bass / vocals
Vova - drums

Additional vocs: Oleg Shamko, Tanya Milka
Keyboards: Vladimir Veselik

All music and lyrics by Come Together!
Recorded at "Maple Tree Studio" / "Monkey Pipe Records" January-March 2014
Mixing and mastering: Kostya Pyzhov (kostya.pyzhov@gmail.com)
Cover: Lera Arlowa


released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Come Together! Minsk, Belarus

Alternative rock band from Minsk, Belarus.

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Track Name: Behind The Horizon
Fight back! The great awakening
Inside of me I hear the sound of it rising
High stakes, it's time for reckoning
Behind these prison walls I see the horizon

(So) hey you! Enough to shake with fear!
And sit alone in corners hiding from freedom
Tell me! What edge you will be near?
If you stand up proclaiming this hell is real

Life burns and crowd devours you now (all is up to you)

Over the lanes, in the streets we take a vow
That none of this system's beasts will see our bows

Back there where peoples' servants rule
Their hands soak in blood of innocent nation
Hear me, those who can see the truth
To cast a fire now to burn the damnation

They serve decaying regimens
And hanging portraits right above their chairs (of)
Tyrant, demon on the wall who
Turned his back to all the world 'cause

Right in his eyes is fear
He understands his end is near
Track Name: Hila
Good night my dear Hila
Hope you will have a dream
Where rainbow shines, and every single gleam
I caught for you will make you smile
Dawn will hide away
everything I wanted so much to save
Mountains know how to keep it safe
And they know what means "forever"

In the morning you'll forget everything i've told you
While thoughts i left inside will burn me down
And I'm lying next to you but my eyes are still widely opened
I can't help thinking why he had met you first, and it hurts

Fire of my youth can easily burn the distance
But it won't break your ring until you feel the same
Do you remember waterfall and mountain river
Flows so free, can you see?
It will always find a way

In the morning you'll forget everything i've told you
While thoughts i left inside will burn me down
And I'm lying next to you but my eyes are still widely opened
I can't help thinking why he had met you first, and it hurts

I have no regrets
I follow my own heart
And always do what i think is right
Trying take my bad luck
Turn it into good luck
If i've ever had a chance
But in the morning you'll forget...

While my thought will burn me down
These words you will never hear, my dear Hila
Track Name: Restless
Through these days of resentment
I've been carrying out your smile
Still my heart's left in pieces
After saying the goodbyes
Still my soul slowly trembling
While imagining your face
Deadly lost in this time of disarray

Pulled the curtain slammed the door
Tried to wipe you from my dreams
Searched for rest in someone's armes
And ignored all bitter seams
Still I'm standing on the wreckage
Of what's left from our lives
Still I search for falling stars up in the sky

Stuck in dark empty streets I pretend that I'm alive
One more step from your door, I don't live I just survive
And in the lanterns' light I glimmer disappearing in the night
Shades of past bring the pain I cannot hide

I've been waiting for something I can't explain
Or was that something I just missed
All the roads are now taking you away from me
In this autumn chilling mist
Track Name: Walking Million Miles
With broken strings you cannot play guitar
And missing shot one fails to rightly start
Torn up jeans will show you are still young
Not to care of the time as do your pals

Walking million miles to find your love
But missing one that waits next door you live
Waiting for some blessing from above
But doing nothing for him to forgive

When all the roads and bridges turn to forks
And none of them seems like it's worth the fight
Then you just go, no matter where, just pack of clothes and underwear
And pillow under head to spend your night

So patiently I waited for the dawn
These shiny eyes in morning sun to see
For some of us it's easy on our own
But I can't bear if she is not with me

And days go by like grains of sand in hourglass
We are again together running wild for falling stars
But there I will find my home (with you)