Life So Changing

by Come Together!

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“This record is a result of a long period of our lives. We put a lot of emotions, our personal feelings and nerves into it. The record might have never been released. That is why we are really happy that we managed to make this job done”.


released December 1, 2011

This record was made at our rehearsal place and is completely DIY. Many thanks to our friends and relatives who helped and supported us all the time.



all rights reserved


Come Together! Minsk, Belarus

Alternative rock band from Minsk, Belarus.

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Track Name: Be My Dream
Mirrors (are) showing me disappearing
I live taking much less than giving
I count the days I have lost in my life
So give me the dream I would want to believe in now
Horizon hides the sun from my tired eyes
The lies I discover these dark nights
(Are) telling me how much you’ll take from my heart
You are now drinking me as from the goblet of times

I am burning out like a candle
Free me from the trap I got into with no sense
I am burning out, will you be my rain
Healing burning wounds?
And I know that you will be my dream

So will you be my savior, my healer
My pillow is now ground and the dead leaves
I will be waiting for you ‘till the end
Covering tears and recovering from emptiness

Chorus //
Track Name: Life So Changing
My old life has changed, now I can’t be recognized
This betraying fate is now gone out of site
Am I happy now with mistakes behind my back?
Always to see them, now breathing so hard

Did I find my home safe enough just to close my eyes? Did I find my sun? Will it light my way back to you?
And all these questions in my head, in my changing life

Like a poison now it keeps running through my veins
It’s like blood on snow, headlong race without the end
And I’m feeling sick by the times I’ve been so blind
Light’s going down and your smile fades away

Track Name: Can't Let You Go
Look at me, my green-eyed princess
Stars will fall to make your dreams come true
And for this night, and with no reason
Just stay with me to see the show
But you’re staring down
Is something wrong?
Have we been together for too long? No…

Can’t let you go
I’ve been waiting for too long for you to let you go

A faithless one will surely fail here
And those who run away from their fates
So time is mine and I pull the trigger
A thousand years to catch a bullet in my hand
I tried so hard to find someone
Who would be as close to me as you
But I’m still on my run


This was a moment to tell you
How your life is going through me and my time
These were words I never heard
You just told me what you thought
And after that I can’t let you go


Never let you, I’ll never let you go
Track Name: Someone Who Is Not Alone
We were so close
But the time may pass clearing all memories
And do you know
How much our lives could last together?
It makes no difference to me now
Another night I am trying to find
The answers lying within me
Maybe the time can heal what’s left behind and pull this pain out of me?
Another night I am trying to breathe while I’m fighting for life
And no one else is now able to ease this pain, it has to be… I…

Wanna be a man
Someone who is not alone with his fearful dreams
Wanna be a man, wanna stay a man
While I am pulling the stone

Another night I am trying to walk into the garden of life
The saddest thing is that we’re still apart as our hearts beat in one rhyme

// Chorus //

I ask now how it could be so?
How long will I find myself alone?
And every feeling burns inside no matter what I want from you

// Chorus //
Track Name: 19.12
I’m wasting time to win the fight that’ll never end
I try to wake up from the dream where I build castles on a sand
Their eyes are staring right through my heart, as I sleep, I’m living in
And I’m awake now in this morning, where’s no sun, just pouring rain

Be there, where we may stay and rest for those, who lost what we still have
One dream – a thousand minds believe
But where I’m going this depends on me

I see the scars of nation through the winter tears
Like in the stars so many rest
They cried for help but no one did hear
And spring is acking to explode but all we feel is emptiness
Let’s fill it in with our hope and strength to take what we have always had


Stay in the street as these machines are passing by Firm on our feet we all will wait until the sunrise takes the sky
The dawn is breaking through the clouds as our fists break through the air
And in one moment all as one we’ll find the way to a better place but here

// Chorus

Only me
Track Name: Waiting For The Sunrise
First time I met you on that day
When I learned the hardest way
Of burning bridges to past, it was hard to realize
You didn’t know my name before,
I sat on your bedroom’s floor
Talks about nothing, some drinks and nicotine

Maybe these words mean nothing for you
But they still keep me alive
I’d like (to) see something in your eyes
And walk together waiting for the sunrise

Thoughts of you mean thoughts of better days
No more winter and spring’s began
This may sound crazy for you
For me it’s true
This is not for you to cross the line
Not for me to drag you down
It’s hard to make a step in the dark
With open soul and naked heart


So long nights I see, everything has to be
I wanna say it to you, I wanna tell you
That I will see in your eyes these endless light-blue skies
And time will stand still as we hide us from the night Horizon is now breaking bright
Track Name: All But You
Tell me what is done and when we failed again
I tried to make things right but deeply lost I am
Another day I try to look inside myself
Searching for the same answer
And now I’m standing on the ground watching you fly Up in the sky so high

I close my heart like I have done a thousand times
Can’t find the happiness you left behind
I closed my eyes at first I didn’t realize
All disappeared but you

Promises we planned to brake we kept alive
But all I feel is that your heart turns black from white
As you fall down to earth, your wings are weak and there’s red light in your eyes
And now you’re stepping on the road made of my dreams
Watch your step carefully


It’s something in your eyes I can’t understand
(and it’s) something I would like to change but I can’t (who cares now)
So better me is better you, my only one
Devil and angel you are!

// Chorus //